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I’d like to be your friend, and I think we should work together. 


Download the free stuff here and we’ll stay in touch. In fact, we'll end up working together to save the world. 


I’m not kidding. I spent the first half of my adult life helping people gain access to safe, clean drinking water. It was great work, but I realized it was part of something bigger, something that involves you, and the influence you’ll have—whether you like it or not—in deciding the destiny of heaven and earth. 


For the first time ever, we could actually end the story of life on earth by environmental degradation, nuclear war, artificial intelligence gone awry, or one of the dozen deaths we’ll invent next year. The only way to avoid death and destruction is to find ourselves a love story, and get engaged.


That’s what the Bible is about, but religious dogmatists have stollen it from the poets, prophets, and people who wrote it, and about whose it was written. It’s time to take it back by reclaiming the poetry of the ancient tradition of Scripture. And that’s what The Butterflies in God’s Stomach is all about. 


Download the free audio and pdf now, and let’s help each other find ourselves in a love story, and get engaged. 



This video is a bit more about me, but what you really want to know is in this…

The Butterflies in God's Stomach, A Novel - About the Author
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